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Magic Makes the Kardashian Sisters the Same Height

Just days ago, the Kardashian sisters appeared on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards all at different heights. Today, some have either shrunk or grown.
The pink-with-lipstick-prints Women moncler jura long red down coat with hoody of the upcoming autobiography’ Kardashian Konfidential’ shows Kourtney, 31, Kim, 29, and Khloe, 26, kuriously — er, curiously — all the exact same height!
This isn’t the first time the Kardashians have leveled the playing field.
In July, the trio appeared in an ad for their Beach Bunny swimwear line, with 5-foot-10 Khloe looking only an eensy-bit taller than 5-foot-2 Kourtney and 5-foot-3 Kim.
But our pals at StyleList are fab to point out that on the ‘Kardashian Konfidential” cover, gentle giantess Khloe has been shrunken down even more so that she and her mini big sisters are all the same size.
PEOPLE reports that the autobiography, which arrives in bookstores Nov. 23, will include stories about the reality stars turned entrepreneurs’ childhoods — including memories of their late father, OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian — as well as their beauty and style secrets.

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How to clean your Moncler jacket?

In winter and early spring, down jackets is the best warm-up and windproof coat in cold season. When you took off the massive down jackets, the consequent cleaning are turns into completely important. Do you make sense how to clean and store your precious jackets?
Here is some share point what we recommend you guys to take care of the Women moncler bady purple down jacket with hoody
1, hand washing
In side of the Moncler down jackets, you will find there stitched a tag which print the instructions on how to clean and maintain your coat. And it was said 90% of the down jackets should be hand washing, please don’t dry-cleaned because the medicinal liquid will influence the thermal function, and it will corrupt the cloth material. In addition, drying the jackets in washing machine will result in the stuffing uneven, it easily out of shape especially this is very high-grade Moncler clothing.
2, 30℃ water cleaning
Put your Moncler down jackets in cold water about 20 minutes, pour the neutral detergent into the 30℃ water, and soaking the jackets for a quarter time, and then gently brush the surface. Please take note that it’s better for warm water flushing, this is easier to wash away the detergent, and keep the jackets in good condition.
3, don’t use the high concentrate detergent powder
Normally 4-5 spoons of the detergent powder is fit into 10 liters water, the high concentrate washings either influence the down fill power or lower the heat retention. Here we suggest you to use the neutral detergent, it little impact with the down jackets stuff. And now we can find the down detergent in supermarket which is particularly useful.
4, don’t twist the down jackets
You may squeeze out the water, tile or hang dry, sun dry is forbade, neither nor ironing and pressing. Flap the down jackets gently when it’s roughdry, it can renew the flexible then.

Make sure we have clean washing, hang drying the down jackets before the storage in case of moldy. We can scrawl the candle on the metal button and zipper to prevent rustiness. You can put the down jackets in a big plastic bag and then enclose 2 or 3 damp proof powder, its better not use the camphor ball or mothball.

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Moncler: Special 2011 Gamme Bleu

As we all know, Moncler Gamme series are quite different with other seiries. The Gamme series is more fashionable and special. Recently, Moncler launched a show of 2011 Spring and Summer Moncler Gamme Bleu for men. Similar to Gamme series for women, this Moncler Gamme Bleu series still adopted light colors as its main colors.
Moncler Gamme Bleu series seems to be bound up with bike culture. This not only shows in its design but also the pattern printed in the clothes. In this series, designer put in leggings to match some clothes. This point arouses great controversy in public. It is common that ladies wear leggings to match their long shirts or short dresses. If a man put on a legging, he looks a little feminization. Somebody do not agree with this. They thought men also should be fashionable. Wearing leggings is not the right of ladies, but also the fashion of men`s. In recent years, many clothes have been more neutralize. Men are paying more and more attention to their dressing. Creations in men`s dressing are more and more diversified. Fashion is such kind of thing that at first it will arouse controversy and with acceptance from more and more people it will be popular. Maybe one day there will be more neutralized clothes that men and women can try together.
Anybody who is still watching and can not accept the new Gamme Bleu series may run traditional line. You can choose Moncler normal series, such as Women moncler bady purple down jacket with hoody, Moncler T-shirts, and Moncler kids etc. They are also in the leading position in fashion circle.


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